My name is Diane Steingart and I am a mixed-media artist living in Western Massachusetts. I have been a member of Gallery A3 in Amherst, MA for the past five years.

I paint with acrylics, and use oil pastels, graphite, colored pencils, crayons, and paper collage. My tools include knitting needles, stencils, pens and pencils as well as various brushes. I layer each piece until the composition emerges.

Before becoming a full time artist, I worked as a community worker in the U.K. and as a social worker in New York and Massachusetts. During the past decade, I have worked mostly with elementary age children creating art. I have organized and led groups in Print Making, Collage, and Sculpture. These groups were collaborative experiences for the children. The finished pieces included prints made into an “Art Quilt”, collages made from pressed flowers that turned into a “Friendship Circle”, and a sculpture city called “Junkopolis” using found objects. I hope I have inspired many budding young artists using art as a collaborative, creative experience!

I have also been involved in inner reflection for the past 25 years, and this experience has helped shape my art.

I have had solo shows at the  Pelham Library in Pelham Massachusetts and the Burnett Gallery at the Jones Library in Amherst, MA. I have been part of two person shows  and group shows at Gallery A3 in Amherst, MA. and will have my first solo show at Gallery A3 in April 2022. My work has also been exhibited at the Amherst Cinema and Go Berry in Amherst, MA.

My artwork is in many private residences throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. I have studied art with the artists Paula Gottlieb and Jane Davies.

What people have said about my work

“I absolutely love the work, your art touches my soul”

“Love the texture and colors”

“Fantastic show – creative, passionate and unique”

“Bravo! Exceptionally sensitive”

I create art because I love the process.  Creating art is intuitive for me. It gives my thinking brain a much needed rest! When I am making art, the  loud voices in my mind grow quiet and the creative process becomes like a meditation. I like the sensation of letting go and exploring relationships between colors, textures, and patterns. My art is about experimentation.  Currently I am working on being consciously very loose in my art making, and I have been happily exploring opposite energies (e.g. joyful and sad, bold and restrained, large and small, thick lines and thin lines) as well as playing with more clash-y colors.